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(Some of these may have gone so please bear that in mind) Classes and Abilities

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Abilities Gameplay (Recommendations)

So if you have your own ship you might want to shoot more or do other things like increase that 'Shield' value your ship has...

So you need to learn more about the game, Check out the unoffical wiki here.

Good luck and hope your ship survives many voyages!

So … Introduction

So you may be wondering what is drednot? ... It's a web game where you and friends can build a 'space ship' and fight 'NPCs' (Non-Player Characters, usually computer controlled).

So where do you begin?

  1. Go to

  2. Pick a username

  3. Either join a friends ship, join someone elses ship …

Take to the Stars! Blast Asteroids for ruby like points and upgrade and fight... or team up and fight if your that kinda person.