Acolyte MT - Shop Catalog

Last updated 11-06-2023

Please access the virtual shop at any time with /shop in-game.

Category Item Buy Sell
Wood Sapling 1@3mg 1@1mg
Wood Tree 1@5mg 1@2mg
Wood Wooden Planks 2@2mg 2@1mg
Bones Bones N/A 1@5mg
Dirt Dirt 2@1mg 2@1mg
Dirt Dirt With Grass 1@1mg 1@1mg
Dirt Savanna Dirt 2@1mg 2@1mg
Dirt Savanna Dirt With Grass 1@1mg 1@1mg
Sand Sand 2@1mg 2@1mg
Sand SandStone N/A 1@1mg
Sand Desert Sand 2@1mg 2@1mg
Sand Silver Sand 2@1mg 2@1mg
Stone Cobblestone 1@2mg 1@1mg+99@99mg
Stone Desert Cobblestone 1@2mg 1@1mg+99@99mg
Stone Mossy Cobblestone 1@2mg 1@1mg
Stone Permafrost with Stones 1@5mg 1@2mg
Bank ATM (Model 1) 1@10mg 1@5mg
Bank ATM (Model 2) 1@20mg 1@10mg
Bank ATM (Model 3) 1@40mg 1@20mg
Bank WTT 1@10mg 1@5mg
Shop Vending Machine 1@20mg 1@10mg
Shop Shop Server 1@100mg 1@50mg
Claim Protection Block 1@20mg 1@10mg
Claim Protector Placer 1@10mg 1@5mg
Claim Wifi Chest 1@50mg 1@25mg
Claim Locked Chest 1@20mg 1@10mg
Claim Chest 1@15mg 1@7mg
Claim Dropbox 1@15mg 1@7mg
Claim Geocache Block 1@25mg 1@12mg
Claim Trash Can 1@10mg 1@5mg
Claim Autocrafter 1@50mg 1@25mg
Storage Drawer 1@15mg 1@7mg
Storage Drawer (1x2) 1@20mg 1@10mg
Storage Drawer (2x2) 1@25mg 1@12mg
Storage Drawer Controller 1@20mg 1@10mg
Pipes Pneumatic Tube 1@5mg 1@2mg
Pipes Sorting Pneumatic Tube 1@10mg 1@5mg
Pipes One-way Tube 1@4mg 1@2mg
Pipes Teleporting Pneumatic Tube 2@40mg 2@20mg
Pipes Node Breaker 1@20mg 1@10mg
Pipes Deployer 1@20mg 1@10mg
Pipes Itemwize Filter-Injector 1@20mg 1@10mg
Pipes Stackwize Filter-Injector 1@30mg 1@15mg
Pipes Injector Controller 1@20mg 1@10mg
Biofuel Refinery 1@30mg 1@15mg
Biofuel Vial of Biofuel 1@5mg 1@2mg
Biofuel Bottle of Biofuel 1@8mg 1@4mg
Biofuel Canister of Biofuel 1@14mg 1@7mg
Bucket Empty Bucket 1@20mg 1@10mg
Bucket Empty -> Water N/A N/A
Bucket Empty -> River Water N/A N/A
Bucket Empty -> Lava N/A N/A
Bucket Empty -> Milk N/A N/A
Bucket Lava -> Empty N/A N/A
Bucket Water -> Empty N/A N/A
Bucket River Water -> Empty N/A N/A
Bucket Milk -> Empty N/A N/A
Bucket Corium Bucket N/A 1@20mg + Empty Bucket

Please note the following:

  • mg for MineGeld Note (from the currency mod)
  • Prices are amount @ price
  • Some items are N/A, meaning you can’t buy or sell it. (At least not from the Admin/Server Shops)
  • Some Prices have a + and an additional price to indicate they buy or sell in bulk.
  • Only the Admin Shops are listed here, player made shops won’t be included.
  • Most of the Bucket category is trading an Empty Bucket for a Bucket with some kind of liquid (or vice versa)