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Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Config

So you are wondering what other things can I change to make gameplay even nicer?

Display_Best do we show Best Trades in a Trade Report? (Y or N)

Display_Maxlines how many ports do we show in a Trade Report? (Number)

Display_Ok do we show Okay Trades in …

Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Reports

So I assume you have the Proxy active... if not it's simply join a game and hit ~ to activate.

Now that you have,


Now to issue a Port Report...


Or if you want to skip ahead on seeing all the commands just hit ? to get help.


So you hit …

Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Trading

So your at a sector with a port and there is another port selling something this port is buying and vice versa...

How do you get the Proxy to trade with them?

Well there are 2 ways to go about trading with the Proxy...

Both are under the S cripts …