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Minetest Mods

Here are some of my mods I have created or contributed too:

  • gapples * "it's the golden apples mod."
  • durapick * "Want a durable pickaxe, try a durapick."
  • unbreaking * "Tired of every tool breaking? Want something like creative but not? Try unbreaking."
  • voltic_battery * "Running out of power while using technic? Have a …


Here's a list of my tutorials for Minetest 5.4.0-dev:

Want to try out some of my mods? You can find some links here.

Here is a list of some links that can help:

Minetest or Minecraft

So I know many of you use my Minecraft how-to guides on learning how to make a particular item... Now a days I am playing Minetest.

Minetest is a game engine, Minecraft is a game.

With Minetest you can make "mini-games" easily, where as Minecraft can too but not as …