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Minecraft: Color Codes


Minecraft: Potions


Minecraft, Almost Infinite Storage

So, you may be wondering what's the vanilla (normal) way to store a lot of stuff?


To repeat what the sign says that's 27 Stacks or 1,728 Items.

Keep in mind the Ender Chest is the same size as a single Chest.


Or 54 Stacks at 3,456 Items …

Minecraft: Redstone Basics

So it occured to me that I haven't tried explaining Redstone... and some folks most likely are looking for how to get started with the basics and then the advanced...

Well here we go... a new tutorial just for it... Redstone.


So way back in 1.12 I made a lot of recipe images, that is images to teach you how to make a particular item in Minecraft...

Here is the list of all the recipe images I made: (Most of these are 1.12 and up)

Minecraft: Effects.

The best thing to do if you have OP status on a server, mod your player with command_block s and be a NONOP on that server.

<> Optional, () Required.

 /effect (Player\_name) (Name of effect) (strength) (duration) <particles>

Minecraft: How to connect to a single player world.

This tutorial is a continuation of "Minecraft: How to build/make a custom single player world."

This tutorial is designed to select and play a single player world.

Assuming that you have selected 'Single Player' then selected the world with the desired name... in this case we will be selecting …

Minecraft: How to build/make a custom single player world.

Since I showed how to connect to multiplayer servers I recently decided to go ahead and make a tutorial on making a custom world for offline use.

So the first thing is to click 'Singleplayer'


then from there, click 'Create New World'


from there Select where it says "New World …

Minecraft: How to use the /tp command.

Well we hope you know what tp means... Teleport.

In Single player you can get access to the command by enabling "Allow Cheats" to ON.


On a multi player server via "Ops".

Just type...

 /tp <target> <x> <y> <z>

As you may know may be auto filled with being …

Minecraft: How to use the /fill command.

 /fill <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <TileName> [dataValue]

Where X1 Y1 Z1 are your first set of coordinates, then X2 Y2 Z2 are your second set... anything within these points will be replaced by given TileName.

If for instance you wanted to do Black Wool you would go to …

Minecraft: How to connect to a online Multiplayer Server?

This is a Step-by-Step guide mainly with pictures.


For this tutorial most Minecraft versions are based on eachother so you really won't need to remember different steps for different versions.


Step 01: Select Multiplayer …

Minecraft: Ores

There are different Ores in Minecraft...

Each require a minimum tool to mine and collect them.

Coal Ore: Requires Wooden Pickaxe or higher.

Iron Ore: Requires Stone Pickaxe or higher, Requires for it to be any good to be smelted in the furnace.

Gold Ore: Requires Iron Pickaxe or higher …

Bugz Server!

Minecraft 1.11.2




Uses VPN!

Grief Prevention!

No Player verses Player (PVP)!

Sorry, actually we took this down since we really don't use it and unless you have our contact info you can't join


Minecraft: Secondary Hand

Press "F" in Hotbar to switch that Item to your Second Hand.

Right Click to Use your Second Hand... For Instance: Raising a Shield, Placing a Torch, Or even Drink a Potion.

In Combat (Especially against Skeleton Archers)

  • A Shield equipt in the Second Hand, Normally Hidden from 1st Person …

Minecraft: Combat

Please Note the Little Bar "Attack Indicator".

Try to time Attacks with a full or not visible Attack Indicator.

The Attack Indicator, Since MC 1.9

Was In Place to allow for "Critical" hits (Maximum Damage).

As in the Picture Below,

Time Attacks with the Attack Indicator with the full …

Minecraft: Readme (Introduction)

A World, Virtual... Imagination without end.

Build, Destroy, Fight...

First off,


W is Forward

S is Backward

A is Straft (Walk) Left

D is Straft Right

W, S, A, D.

Looking around:

Move the Mouse UP to Look UP

Mouse DOWN to Look DOWN

Mouse LEFT to Look LEFT …