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The great and mighty list of web games I know:

(Some of these have gone so please bear that in mind) Gameplay (Recommendations)

So if you have your own ship you might want to shoot more or do other things like increase that 'Shield' value your ship has...

So you need to learn more about the game, Check out the unoffical wiki here.

Good luck and hope your ship survives many voyages!

So … Introduction

So you may be wondering what is drednot? ... It's a web game where you and friends can build a 'space ship' and fight 'NPCs' (Non-Player Characters, usually computer controlled).

So where do you begin?

  1. Go to

  2. Pick a username

  3. Either join a friends ship, join someone elses ship …

War in a over head shooter, with deployables or grenades.

Support, or go Offensive.

Take to the Stars! Blast Asteroids for ruby like points and upgrade and fight... or team up and fight if your that kinda person.

Think Base Tower Defense, but on the web....

Build Destroy Repeat.

IO: Personal Score for November!

 Score: 193,753
 Level: 45
 Time: 35m 51s
 Class: Auto Gunner


Ahoy! Load the cannons and fire away, in this new web game. Like , but with a piratey twist.

Board someone elses ship, or Board your own. Fight in this High Competition web game.

WWW: Octo Tank

The Octo Tank... 8 Sides of Death to unexpecting Tankers.

  • Max out Reload, Bullet Damage, Bullet Penatration.

  • Flank Guard, Quad Tank, Octo Tank.


Able to Provide Cover Fire, Able to Destroy Drones, Able to Repel Smashers and Boosters alike.


Unable to Fight Modern Tanks (Streamliner), Unable to Move … WWW

World War Web is a brand new Event that I will be adding, It is here where I will be talking about brand new tatical "moves" that could save you in time and your "life" in-game. The list below is standard posting format.

  • A title as to what the following …

The Warrior, The Archer, The Healer, and The Mage. Come together to fight in a cube-like world.

Chat with new people, or chat with your friends while still fighting Giant Cube Monsters.

(In 2021 it requires you to give a google account, gmail)

IO Score's for August and September! 1 minute alive, under 500 points... average of 5,000's mass... average score 150,000's about 30 to 50 minutes alive...

(NEW) average score 1,500's about 10 to 15 minutes alive with 1 to 4 kills... (NEW)


Ok, So Yup Brand NEW web game.

Arrow keys on the Keyboard seem to be just about all you need on movement as there is no way to stop or speed up or even slow down.

The rules are kinda simple:

  • Avoid your own tail.

  • Try to hit others tail … AGP (Advanced Game Play)

First, If you don't already know there are 8 upgrade selections when you level up, up to level 28 then it slows down to a couple of levels then a 'Skill Point' (SP)

  • Health Regen (How fast you recover your health once damaged)

  • Max Health (Increase the amount of total … Introduction

World War Web! A very fun addictive game where many players are in 'Tanks'

The main way to 'grow' or 'level up' in the game is to shoot using the mouse for aiming and the left mouse button to fire your gun to destroy the following items:

  • Square worth 10 …

One of the most addictive web games on the planet...

The basics, mouse to turn in a 2D 'grid' left or right mouse 'click' to speed up,

Left or Right Keyboard keys also turn in the 'grid' with space to speed up.


  • Avoid Other Snakes or Worms sides!

  • Cause …