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What does it mean when you are under 'Construction'?

Well that's actually a simple one, Construction simply means we might be busy and the entry or page might have a Spelling or Grammer Mistake... such as this entry.

Give us a few days and it should be all speeled and and grammared correctly... (That was actually difficult not to …

What is the reason for your site?

The simple answer:

Because I can...

The Longer answer:

Because I wanted to...

No, actually I just met with Ryan Kirkbride and with school I hear about all the new web-based games on the internet. Really, Just stick with the Simple answer... LOL.


What is the reason you picked Beanzilla for your site name?

The main reason and to sum it up very shortly, My family when I was young called me Bean.... and after loving Godzilla and my father kind-a resembles Godzilla, I became Beanzilla, Hence I live up to the name as Son of Godzilla.