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My Python script to write content

So I decided to flex my skills with python and make a simple python script that...

Writes my articles for my site! (Well I still need to be around to write them)

This mainly allows me to write up something quickly instead of needing to remember how I do that …

October 2020: Covid-19 and Flu and Ghosts

Covid-19 and the Flu of 2020

Yes, we are still fighting COVID-19 while getting ready for this years normal Flu season.


With it being October there has to be some kind of Halloween comment... why not.

Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Boo? Who?

Aww, Don't cry! :)

Happy Halloween!

Minecraft: How to make a Turtle Shell

5 Scute, placed just like Leather/Iron/Gold/Diamonds/Netherite to form a helmet.

Provides 10 seconds of water breathing... provided you are not in contact with water.


Minecraft Potions

To start you need the following to start making potions:

  • Lot's of glass to make glass bottles,
  • Quite a few Blaze Rods for Blaze Powder,
  • Quite a bit of Nether Wart,
  • Potion Ingredients.

Now to the optional stuff:

  • Gunpowder to make splash potions,
  • Glowstone Dust to make potions stronger,
  • Redstone …

Haunted BBS

For all the month of October, 2020 BZ&BZ BBS will be having some strange... "issues".

Check it out Here.

The Post-COVID19 Handshake

So many of us may not ever get to actually go out into public and do this obscure thing like shaking hands...

Now having said that, many older folks are going... ok? what's the modern/new way?

And you get, Elbow bumps, and fist bumps. (Elbow bumps seem more common …

Minecraft Vanilla Enchantments


  • Protection (1-4) provides protection against ALL damage types.
  • Fire Protection (1-4) provides protection only against fire damage.
  • Projectile Protection (1-4) provides protection only against projectiles such as arrows.
  • Blast Protection (1-4) provides protection only against explosions such as tnt or a creeper.


  • Resperation (1-3) provides an increased amount …

Minecraft, Almost Infinite Storage

So, you may be wondering what's the vanilla (normal) way to store a lot of stuff?


To repeat what the sign says that's 27 Stacks or 1,728 Items.

Keep in mind the Ender Chest is the same size as a single Chest.


Or 54 Stacks at 3,456 Items …

Minecraft: How to make a Anvil

3 Iron Blocks, 4 Iron Ingots


Minecraft: How to make a Book

1 Leather, 3 Paper


Minecraft: How to make a Brewing Stand

1 Blaze Rod, 3 Cobblestone


Minecraft: How to make a Enchantment Table

1 Book, 2 Diamonds, 4 Obsidian


Minecraft: How to make a Eye of Ender

1 Blaze Powder, 1 Ender Pearl


Minecraft: How to make a Mine Rail

6 Iron Ingots, 1 Stick


Minecraft: How to make a Minecart

5 Iron Ingots


Minecraft: How to make a Shulker Box

2 Shulker Shells, and 1 chest


Minecraft: How to make Blaze Powder

1 Blaze Rod


Minecraft: How to make Powered Rails

6 Gold Ingots, 1 Stick, 1 Redstone Dust


Minecraft: How to make Redstone Torch

1 Stick, and 1 Redstone Dust


Minecraft: How to make a bucket

3 Iron Ingots


Minecraft: How to make a Ender Chest

Common Name: Echest

Specialty: Allows you to have 1 small chest but you can access it in multiple locations via a different Ender chest.

8 Obsidian, 1 Chest = 1 Ender chest


Minecraft Vanilla Armor Enchantments


  • Protection (1-4)
  • Fire Protection
  • Projectile Protection
  • Blast Protection
  • Resperation (1-3)
  • Aqua Affinity (1)
  • Unbreaking (1-3)
  • Mending (1)
  • Thorns (1-3)


  • Protection (1-4)
  • Fire Protection
  • Projectile Protection
  • Blast Protection
  • Unbreaking (1-3)
  • Mending (1)
  • Thorns (1-3)


  • Protection (1-4)
  • Fire Protection
  • Projectile Protection
  • Blast Protection
  • Unbreaking (1-3)
  • Mending (1)
  • Thorns (1-3 …

Minecraft Vanilla Tools/Weapons Enchantments


  • Unbreaking (1-3)
  • Mending (1)
  • Sharpness (1-5)
  • Smite (1-5)
  • Bane Of Authropods (1-5)
  • Knockback (1-2)
  • Fire Aspect (1-2)


  • Unbreaking (1-3)
  • Mending (1)
  • Infinity (1)
  • Power (1-5)
  • Punch (1-2)
  • Flame (1)

Crossbow: (1.16+)

  • Unbreaking (1-3)
  • Mending (1)
  • Quick Charge (1-3)
  • Piercing (1-4)
  • Multishot (1)


  • Unbreaking (1-3)
  • Mending (1 …

Minecraft: How to make a clock

4 Gold Ingots and 1 Redstone


The times before Covid-19

You could go to a restaurant... no I mean walk into it sit down order a meal and talk with friends/family.

Not only that, when you walked in you would have the silverware out... already to go, instead of after your food arives the silverware being in a bag …

September's Fourth Awakens

Ah, so many folks may be noticing my site is now adding some 1.16+ Minecraft items!

And that's about all that's up... hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Take Care,


Minecraft: How to make a compass

4 Iron Ingots and 1 Redstone makes a Compass


Minecraft: Redstone Loops

So what is a redstone loop...



A series of Redstone Repeaters placed so they direct the signal flow in a endless circle.

The smallest loop uses 4 repeaters. (and is very difficult to start)

How to start a loop?

Use a lever and quickly turn it on then off to …

Minecraft: Redstone OR Gate

So what does the or gate do?

While no signal applied send a signal,


and if we supply a signal send no signal.


So now we can have a door for example with pressure plates to send a signal thru the or gate and opens the door.



So standing on …

Minecraft: Redstone Basics

So it occured to me that I haven't tried explaining Redstone... and some folks most likely are looking for how to get started with the basics and then the advanced...

Well here we go... a new tutorial just for it... Redstone.

Minecraft: How to make a Block of Netherite

9 Netherite Ingots make 1 block.


Minecraft: How to use the Lodestone

I assume you already have made a Lodestone,

And that you have a Compass.

So simply place the Lodestone down... say at your home base... then right click,

with the Compass and your set... now keep in mind this will only point to the stone,

in the same dimention, and …

Minecraft: How to make a Lodestone

8 Chistle Stone Bricks, 1 Netherite Ingot makes 1 Lodestone


Also see How to use the Lodestone

Minecraft: How to make a Netherite Ingot

4 Netherite Scraps and 4 Gold Ingots


Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Config

So you are wondering what other things can I change to make gameplay even nicer?

Display_Best do we show Best Trades in a Trade Report? (Y or N)

Display_Maxlines how many ports do we show in a Trade Report? (Number)

Display_Ok do we show Okay Trades in a Trade Report …

Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Reports

So I assume you have the Proxy active... if not it's simply join a game and hit ~ to activate.

Now that you have,


Now to issue a Port Report...


Or if you want to skip ahead on seeing all the commands just hit ? to get help.


So you hit …

Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Trading

So your at a sector with a port and there is another port selling something this port is buying and vice versa...

How do you get the Proxy to trade with them?

Well there are 2 ways to go about trading with the Proxy...

Both are under the S cripts …

Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy

When you play Trade Wars 2002 you think... are there automated scripts that can trade between 2 ports and such?

And then you go to BZ & BZ BBS and see some Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy


So you enter a game and hit the little ~ it says to press...

One of …

Privacy and You

Hey there,

One of many things that are out there is your data...

So you may wonder can I protect my privacy while doing the same things I normally do?

Check out what DuckDuckGo has to say.

BBS Doors


Connect to us:

  • telnet://
  • ssh://
  • Via the web if your browser supports it!

My site includes:

Classes and Objects

Consider this code

class Room():
    def __init__(self, name, rmnum): = name
        self.rmnum = rmnum
        if self.rmnum > 100:
            self.floor = (int(self.rmnum / 100) + 1)
            self.floor = 1

    def __str__(self):
        return "{0} on {1} with room number {2}".format(, self.floor, self.rmnum)

So …


So your wondering each time I run my program it doesn't remember anything... can I make a program remember the previous time it ran?

Lets start off with reading from a file... (I am going to explain don't worry)

my_file = "example.txt"
with open(my_file, "r") as f:
    # File is …


Computers love to do the same/simular task over and over again.

Unlike Humans, Computers will do the exact same thing without making mistakes. (Unless there is another mistake, commonly called a programming error)

So what can we do with a loop?

my_list = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 …

Storing data with JSON

So what is JSON?

Java Script Object Notation or JSON for short.

Websites like OpenWeather have an Application Programming Interface or API.

API's can return data in some common formats... like XML and JSON.

Python has modules that you can import into your program to use them and do advanced …

String Format

So in this discussion we will have 2 topics:

  • String Format
  • F String

These are at least 2 of the ways you can insert data into a string.

String Format

Given the following code

my_name = "Beanzilla"
print("Hello {0}!".format(my_name))

Hello Beanzilla!

So how does this work?

Well remember …


So what is a variable?

A variable can best be described as a box.

We have a label on the box and that's the variable's name,

Then we have something in the box and that's the variable's data or content.

So when we want to make a new variable we …

About Me


I am Beanzilla,

My childhood nickname was Bean... and around 2010 I started enjoying the old Godzilla movies, hence Beanzilla.

In 2016 I started my first Blog running bolt CMS, which works fine in 2016 but as the years roll by my site was getting old and some stuff outdated …


Welcome to my site!

Some topics you might like are:

We also Reference:


Presenting Beanzilla & Bugz BBS!


Our website

Connect to us by:

  • telnet://
  • ssh://
  • Via the web if your browser supports it!

We have quite a few door games, and we are connected to,

And don't …

Fun Simple Experimental Network

FsxNet is a Fido-like network of BBSs,

Heres some links:

COVID-19 and Why I am not afraid

Are you afraid of the Corona Virus?

“Don’t be afraid of those who can kill only your bodies—but can’t touch your souls! Fear only God who can destroy both soul and body in hell." - Matthew 10:28 TLB

"The Lord is a strong fortress. The godly run …

July 2020 New letter

So as you may notice, my site is no longer running bolt CMS... but instead is now running Pelican!

What does this mean for all my old posts... nothing, they have been transfered over and now are here on the new system as well.

This means I still have most …

Hello World

Python is a vast high-level computer language.

Many who are learning a new computer language use a very simple yet powerful example to begin their learning process...

Print, Displays text or whatever you want to the screen.

print("Hello World!")

Simply outputs to the screen

Hello World!

This can be …

.io Sites

The great and mighty list of games I know:


So way back in 1.12 I made a lot of recipe images, that is images to teach you how to make a particular item in Minecraft...

Here is the list of all the recipe images I made: (Most of these are 1.12 and up)


Provided by: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


File Not Found

Eastern Pacific

File Not Found

Central Pacific

File Not Found

Weather 10

Provided by: WTSP Weather Radars (Weather 10)


File Not Found

Central Florida

File Not Found


File Not Found

United States

File Not Found Gameplay (Recommendations)

So if you have your own ship you might want to shoot more or do other things like increase that 'Shield' value your ship has...

So you need to learn more about the game, Check out the unoffical wiki here.

Good luck and hope your ship survives many voyages!

So … Introduction

So you may be wondering what is drednot? ... It's a web game where you and friends can build a 'space ship' and fight 'NPCs' (Non-Player Characters, usually computer controlled).

So where do you begin?

  1. Go to

  2. Pick a username

  3. Either join a friends ship, join someone elses ship …

August 2019: Latest news!

I have lately been working on creating a Pelican Website that will replace Bolt CMS. (Explaining the difference, Pelican is lightweight fast and uses Python, where as Bolt CMS is... well big and heavy, yes Bolt does a lot but I would rather start using Python more for my own …

December 2018: Happy Late Thanksgiving, and Happy Early Christmas, and Happy Early New Year!

Well if you haven't noticed, I haven't been posting in a while.... Last post 2 months ago with October 2018: Spooky Time!

So today I decided to post one out again, Wishing all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Lately I have been looking into setting up my …

October 2018: Spooky Time!

Whether you are going to be going out in style or just another home for others to stop by for some yummy candy, Just remember, Who knows if the candy you get is unaltered... For those who don't quite know what I am talking about, there are some people in …

July 2018: Sometime in 1789


We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish …

July 2018: 4th

O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave …

May 2018: EOS News

For some it means Graduation, others it's the end of school for the summer.

Please stay safe for those on break.

I just can't say it any better than Alice Cooper himself.

Minecraft: Effects.

The best thing to do if you have OP status on a server, mod your player with command_block s and be a NONOP on that server.

<> Optional, () Required.

 /effect (Player\_name) (Name of effect) (strength) (duration) <particles>

February 2018: U.S. Economy blooms!

Thank you to Donald Trump (U.S. President)

For making America truly great again!

But meanwhile the Liberal Left...

Really need to wake up and realize their "fix" in the 2017-2018 Election didn't work... even stacking the deck they still lost.

But even still...

They (Liberals) proceed to spread, leak …

January 2018: Welcome to a new year!

This Month's news, From the Internet Storm Center here.

Meanwhile Donald J. Trump creates more jobs, better economy, and a more secure nation.

Minecraft: How to connect to a single player world.

This tutorial is a continuation of "Minecraft: How to build/make a custom single player world."

This tutorial is designed to select and play a single player world.

Assuming that you have selected 'Single Player' then selected the world with the desired name... in this case we will be selecting …

Minecraft: How to build/make a custom single player world.

Since I showed how to connect to multiplayer servers I recently decided to go ahead and make a tutorial on making a custom world for offline use.

So the first thing is to click 'Singleplayer'


then from there, click 'Create New World'


from there Select where it says "New World …

Minecraft: How to use the /tp command.

Well we hope you know what tp means... Teleport.

In Single player you can get access to the command by enabling "Allow Cheats" to ON.


On a multi player server via "Ops".

Just type...

 /tp <target> <x> <y> <z>

As you may know may be auto filled with being …

December 2017: Winter time is here...

Well deck the halls it's December and you all know what that means...

The New Year is coming right up! 2018 here we come!

And for some: (Who like Eggnog...)

Snow... Snow... Snow!

Minecraft: How to use the /fill command.

 /fill <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <TileName> [dataValue]

Where X1 Y1 Z1 are your first set of coordinates, then X2 Y2 Z2 are your second set... anything within these points will be replaced by given TileName.

If for instance you wanted to do Black Wool you would go to …

October 2017: Knock Knock

Who's there,


Boo Who?

Aww... Don't cry!

Or not...

Please Caution there may be altered candy!

November 2017: Happy Turkey Day!

Well it's November already, We wish all of you a safe holidays!

And don't for get the turkey.

Minecraft: How to connect to a online Multiplayer Server?

This is a Step-by-Step guide mainly with pictures.


For this tutorial most Minecraft versions are based on eachother so you really won't need to remember different steps for different versions.


Step 01: Select Multiplayer …

September 2017: First Texas, Now Florida!

For this 4th of the month news, we will start off with this...



Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best!

June 2017: Minecraft Server!

Well, not yet open to the direct public.

I have decided that the Minecraft server will be called "Beanzilla Server" and that it will be a Skyblock server...

Still not sure about allowing the Public to access my server as some may get a little rowdy, besides the fact of …

July 2017: July 4th, 1776

Happy Fourth!

The Following can be found Here.

NOTE: We removed the Signatures of the thirteen colonies... To know more please visit the above Link.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve …

August 2017: 10 Days remain!

On August 14th, 2017 majority of schools with be back in session!

So pay attention to School Websites!

Minecraft: How to make a Iron Pickaxe

3 Iron Ingots + 2 Sticks --> 1 Iron Pickaxe

Note: I just updated to Minecraft 1.12!


Minecraft: How to make a Stone Pickaxe

3 Cobblestone + 2 stick --> 1 Stone Pickaxe

Note: I just upgraded to Minecraft 1.12!


Minecraft: Ores

There are different Ores in Minecraft...

Each require a minimum tool to mine and collect them.

Coal Ore: Requires Wooden Pickaxe or higher.

Iron Ore: Requires Stone Pickaxe or higher, Requires for it to be any good to be smelted in the furnace.

Gold Ore: Requires Iron Pickaxe or higher …

Minecraft: How to make a End Portal

9 End Portal Frames

9 Eye of Ender

Sorry but this is a very complicated build... :(

Youtube Video (Recommended)

Note: If you want to instead, use the Eye of Ender to find a pre-generated Portal... with Luck you can just hop in!


Minecraft: How to make a Nether Portal

14 Obsidian (Minimum Size, Note: Since 1.10ish Nether Portals can have anysize except smaller than 4x5)

10 Obsidian can be used for the Smallest.

A = Obsidian

B = Air

 B A A B

 A B B A

 A B B A

 A B B A <-- Here is where you use …

Minecraft: How to make a Pressure Plate

2 (Any Type) Wood Planks

2 Oak Wood Planks --> 1 Wooden Pressure Plate


Minecraft: How to make a Button

1 (Any Type) Wood Plank

1 Oak Wood Plank --> 1 Wooden Button


Minecraft: How to make a Lever

1 Stick, 1 Cobblestone

1 Stick + 1 Cobblestone --> 1 Lever


Minecraft: How to make a Fence Gate

2 (Any Type) Wood Planks, 4 Sticks

2 Oak Wood Planks + 4 Sticks --> 1 Oak Wood Fence Gate


Minecraft: How to make a Fence

4 (Any Type) Wood Planks, 2 Sticks

4 Oak Wood Planks + 2 Sticks --> 3 Oak Wood Fence


The Fourth Awakens: End of School 2017

"School is out for the summer!" - Alice Cooper.

We hope you have a safe, yet fun summer break and will be ready for the next year... or into the next school / collage.

Remember, We're all in this together!

Minecraft: How to make a Bed

3 Pieces of Wool, and 3 Wood Planks

3 White Wool + 3 Oak Wood Planks --> 1 Bed


Bugz Server!

Minecraft 1.11.2




Uses VPN!

Grief Prevention!

No Player verses Player (PVP)!

Sorry, actually we took this down since we really don't use it and unless you have our contact info you can't join


The Fourth Awakens: May 2017

It has been a while... with the wrap on school, PS... Last Month!


We are proud to announce the new Minecraft Server...

Bugz Server!

It has currently been played by: 4 players!

Minecraft: How to make Slabs

3 (Any Type) Wood Planks

3 Oak Wood Planks --> Oak Wood Slab


Minecraft: How to make Stairs

6 (Any Type) Wood Planks

Note: Substitution of wood for stone will make Stone Stairs

6 Oak Wood Planks --> 4 Oak Wood Stairs


Minecraft: How to make Wooden Trapdoor

6 (Any Type) Wood Planks

6 Oak Wood Planks --> Wooden Trap Door


Minecraft: How to make Wooden Door

6 (Any Type) Wood Planks

Note: Different Wood Type will result in a different look only not different item!

6 Oak Wood Planks --> Oak Door


Minecraft: How to make Shield

6 (Any Type) Wood Planks and 1 Iron Ingot

6 Oak Wood Planks + 1 Iron Ingot --> Shield


Minecraft: How to make Armor Boots

4 (Leather or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Dimond)

4 Leather --> Leather Boots


Minecraft: How to make Armor Leggings

7 (Leather or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Dimond)

7 Leather --> Leather Pants


Minecraft: How to make Armor Chestplate

8 (Leather or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Dimond)

8 Leather --> Leather Tunic


Minecraft: How to make Armor Helmet

5 (Leather or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Dimond)

5 Leather --> Leather Cap


Minecraft: How to make Chest

A Chest is singular, a Large Chest is 2 chest side-by-side.

8 (Any Type) Wood Planks

8 Oak Wood Planks --> 1 Chest


Right Click to "Enter" a Chest to View what is inside and what you can put and pull from the Chest.


Minecraft: How to make a Furnace

8 Stone (Cobble Stone)

8 Cobble Stone --> 1 Furnace


Minecraft: How to make Charcoal

Take a Furnace, Right Click...

From there the Top and Bottom are Divided of

To Burn

----------- = Burned Item

Burning Material

Oak Wood

--------------- = Charcoal

Oak Wood Planks


Yes, As Soon as you places Something to Burn It takes One of the Items in the Burning Material and Begins the Process …

Minecraft: How to make a Torch

There are 2 ways to make a Torch:

1 Coal Ore + 1 Stick --> 4 Torches


1 Charcoal + 1 Stick --> 4 Torches

Note: Read "MineCraft: How to make Charcoal" to Learn how Charcoal is made.

1 Coal Ore + 1 Stick --> 4 Torches


1 Charcoal + 1 Stick --> 4 Torches


Minecraft: Secondary Hand

Press "F" in Hotbar to switch that Item to your Second Hand.

Right Click to Use your Second Hand... For Instance: Raising a Shield, Placing a Torch, Or even Drink a Potion.

In Combat (Especially against Skeleton Archers)

  • A Shield equipt in the Second Hand, Normally Hidden from 1st Person …

Minecraft: Combat

Please Note the Little Bar "Attack Indicator".

Try to time Attacks with a full or not visible Attack Indicator.

The Attack Indicator, Since MC 1.9

Was In Place to allow for "Critical" hits (Maximum Damage).

As in the Picture Below,

Time Attacks with the Attack Indicator with the full …

Minecraft: Readme (Introduction)

A World, Virtual... Imagination without end.

Build, Destroy, Fight...

First off,


W is Forward

S is Backward

A is Straft (Walk) Left

D is Straft Right

W, S, A, D.

Looking around:

Move the Mouse UP to Look UP

Mouse DOWN to Look DOWN

Mouse LEFT to Look LEFT …

Minecraft: How to make Sword

2 (Any Type Wood Planks Or Stone Or Iron Ingots Or Gold Ingots Or Dimond) with,

1 Stick.

2 Wood Planks + 1 Stick --> Wooden Sword.


Minecraft: How to make Shovel

1 (Any Type Wood Planks Or Stone Or Iron Ingot Or Gold Ingots Or Dimond) with,

2 Sticks.

1 Wood Plank + 2 Sticks --> Wooden Shovel


Minecraft: How to make Hoe

2 (Any Type Wood Planks Or Stone Or Iron Ingots Or Gold Ingots Or Dimond) with,

2 Sticks.

2 Wood Planks + 2 Sticks --> Wooden Hoe


Minecraft: How to make Axe

3 (Any Type Wood Planks Or Stone Or Iron Ingots Or Gold Ingots Or Dimond) with,

2 Sticks.

3 Wood Planks + 2 Sticks --> Wooden Axe


Minecraft: How to make Pickaxe

3 (Any Type Wood, Or Stone Or Iron Ingots Or Dimond Or Gold Ingots) with,

2 Sticks.

3 Wood Planks + 2 Sticks --> Wooden Pickaxe


Minecraft: How to make Sticks

2 (Any Type) Wood Planks yeilds 4 Sticks

2 Oak Wood Planks --> 4 Sticks


Minecraft: How to make Crafting Table

4 (Any Type) Wood Planks

4 (Any Type) Wood Planks yeilds 1 Crafting Table

4 Oak Wood Planks --> 1 Crafting Table


Minecraft: How to make Wood Planks

Simple Really...

(Any Type) Wood

One (Any Type) Wood Yeilds 4 x (Same Type) Wood Planks.

1 Oak Wood --> 4 Oak Wood Planks


War in a over head shooter, with deployables or grenades.

Support, or go Offensive.

Take to the Stars! Blast Asteroids for ruby like points and upgrade and fight... or team up and fight if your that kinda person.

Think Base Tower Defense, but on the web....

Build Destroy Repeat.

The Fourth Awakens: January and February 2017!

Hello 2017!

 52,538 points,
 45 Triplet,
 30 minutes, 6 seconds alive.

New .IO Games on the move! Due to a reccent uprise in .IO games we will be updating a list of all and a link to them. Enjoy!

IO: Personal Score for November!

 Score: 193,753
 Level: 45
 Time: 35m 51s
 Class: Auto Gunner


Bugz is here!

Ha ha. And you thought Bugz was limited to just here!


Never fear, bugz is here!

and stuff.

Ahoy! Load the cannons and fire away, in this new web game. Like , but with a piratey twist.

Board someone elses ship, or Board your own. Fight in this High Competition web game.

WWW: Octo Tank

The Octo Tank... 8 Sides of Death to unexpecting Tankers.

  • Max out Reload, Bullet Damage, Bullet Penatration.

  • Flank Guard, Quad Tank, Octo Tank.


Able to Provide Cover Fire, Able to Destroy Drones, Able to Repel Smashers and Boosters alike.


Unable to Fight Modern Tanks (Streamliner), Unable to Move … WWW

World War Web is a brand new Event that I will be adding, It is here where I will be talking about brand new tatical "moves" that could save you in time and your "life" in-game. The list below is standard posting format.

  • A title as to what the following …

The Fourth Awakens: December 2016

Okay, So, Welcome to the End Of 2016!

3... 2... 1... ... So here it is, Recently I have decided that my little Java Essentials should have some more expanations for sudden appearance... Well I couldn't wait for this months News Report! So, For some of you, you may want to …

The Warrior, The Archer, The Healer, and The Mage. Come together to fight in a cube-like world.

Chat with new people, or chat with your friends while still fighting Giant Cube Monsters.

Java Essentials: Data Types, Variables.

String, int, boolean, double All of them are data types, which as many call variables.

The code below shows basic mathmatics including Strings.

To run on your own machine to see the results, (Reccomend installing BlueJ) then copy and compile then Right click and select "void Main()".

Create a new …

Java Essentials: Print, Print new line, Print a variable, Print plus variable.

PrintPrinty is a Intro to Java Tutorial File...

To run on your own machine to see the results, (Reccomend installing BlueJ) then copy and compile then Right click and select "void Main()".

Create a new file and copy the code below.


  • @author Beanzilla

  • @version 1.01


public class PrintPrinty


public …

November 2016: News!

Ok so I am currently learning the computer language Java. So what does that mean... well, nothing on my site, maybe a new topic to talk about under programming.

To be exact I am releasing the November edition, early.

So this is the third month of, Fourth Awakens!

October 2016: News!

Operation of Spelling has been completed!

New Operation of Seeking new Web-Games (etc.) Has a communication system! "Pulses"!

Still no news on any stable Feedback, Commentary system. :(

But the world still lives on! :)

IO Score's for August and September! 1 minute alive, under 500 points... average of 5,000's mass... average score 150,000's about 30 to 50 minutes alive...

(NEW) average score 1,500's about 10 to 15 minutes alive with 1 to 4 kills... (NEW)


What does it mean when you are under 'Construction'?

Well that's actually a simple one, Construction simply means we might be busy and the entry or page might have a Spelling or Grammer Mistake... such as this entry.

Give us a few days and it should be all speeled and and grammared correctly... (That was actually difficult not to …

Ok, So Yup Brand NEW web game.

Arrow keys on the Keyboard seem to be just about all you need on movement as there is no way to stop or speed up or even slow down.

The rules are kinda simple:

  • Avoid your own tail.

  • Try to hit others tail …

September 2016: First 4th Awaken News Post!

The first of a brand NEW Thing, See 'Beanzilla: The Fourth Awakens' to learn of the Guidelines to this post.

  • A NEW Web Game!?!

  • The site is getting online!?!

The First thing that came out either last month or this month is the new web game ''.

We are … AGP (Advanced Game Play)

First, If you don't already know there are 8 upgrade selections when you level up, up to level 28 then it slows down to a couple of levels then a 'Skill Point' (SP)

  • Health Regen (How fast you recover your health once damaged)

  • Max Health (Increase the amount of total … Introduction

World War Web! A very fun addictive game where many players are in 'Tanks'

The main way to 'grow' or 'level up' in the game is to shoot using the mouse for aiming and the left mouse button to fire your gun to destroy the following items:

  • Square worth 10 …

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Phone: 1-(269)-274-8196

Email: [email protected]

Located at: 5417 Grand Blvd Port Richey, FL 34652

Ryan Kirkbride


Occupation(s): Body Builder, Certified Badass, Fitness Instructor, Keto Expert, Personal Trainer.

One of the most addictive web games on the planet...

The basics, mouse to turn in a 2D 'grid' left or right mouse 'click' to speed up,

Left or Right Keyboard keys also turn in the 'grid' with space to speed up.


  • Avoid Other Snakes or Worms sides!

  • Cause …

What is the reason for your site?

The simple answer:

Because I can...

The Longer answer:

Because I wanted to...

No, actually I just met with Ryan Kirkbride and with school I hear about all the new web-based games on the internet. Really, Just stick with the Simple answer... LOL.


What is the reason you picked Beanzilla for your site name?

The main reason and to sum it up very shortly, My family when I was young called me Bean.... and after loving Godzilla and my father kind-a resembles Godzilla, I became Beanzilla, Hence I live up to the name as Son of Godzilla.